"A global culinary amble, a melting pot
of diverse cultural flavors and ingredients, spiced a la Hitchcock's

Everyone has their own different style and idea of vegetarian food and cooking, therefore much of our inspiration comes from the customers themselves. The first person to book an evening chooses the theme for that night which is based around a particular country's cuisine...
...We relish a challenge.

Food is served from an All-You-Can-Eat buffet style menu and there's no limit to how many times you can replenish your plate, however we would advise you to save some room for your Dessert. With 10 to 12 obscenely indulgent offerings jostling for position, ranging from fresh fruit salad to amaretti with cream to a feast of chocolate cakes and gateau.
Complete the evening with a cup of either Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate.

Sample Menu

A typical evenings menu would consist of three courses plus coffee, for example the Cajun menu would consist of:

Salsa red bean dips with crudites and toasted bread.

Main Course:-
Okra gumbo, red beans with rice, banana bread, Jamaican curry, fried plantain bananas and sweet potatoes, lemon spinach, sweet corn, hot salsa, Shila Ferguson's macaroni cheese, griddle cakes, black eyed bean fritters, salads, chilies etc.

Black forest gateau, various cheesecakes, pecan pie, seasonal crumble, fresh fruit salad, Ice cream, carrot cake, amaretti, chocolate cake and many others.

Some other popular menu themes include:
*Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Mexican, Thai, Indian, Russian, Middle Eastern and English.
*Click any of the above links to take you to a sample menu.

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